Easy Business Case Calculator

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Easy Business Case Calculator allows the user to create a simple cash basis financial business case in minutes. The user fills in easy to use forms to set revenue, expense, loan and tax assumptions. The app computes common business case metrics such as IRR, NPV, growth rates and required investment. The app also provides a detail 5 year business plan and a chart depicting the main elements of the 5 year plan. There are help buttons throughout the app that guide the user on the meaning of terms used in the app, how to enter assumptions and how the results are determined.
The app has a sample business case that allows you to try out the app for free to see if it will meet your needs. The sample business case comes with a set of pre-established assumptions. This allows you to tour the assumption pages and understand the inputs with realistic values already provided. You can explore the stats, 5 year plan and chart for the sample business case. You can update the revenue assumptions for the sample business case to see how the results change. You will not be able to save your changes, update other assumptions or create your own business case until you purchase the app.
In order to maintain the simplicity of the app, the app assumes the business case is accounted for on a cash basis. It is not meant to model business opportunities that require material accounting accruals or if there is a material lag in inventory turnover.